How to Enroll or Make Changes

How to Enroll

When you are ready to make your enrollment elections, please log in to UltiPro. You will be asked to create a unique username and password. You can also enroll on the phone by calling 123-4567.

Making Changes to Your Benefits

Once enrolled, you will not be able to change your elections until the next Annual Enrollment or if you experience a change in status that affects your eligibility for benefits or you experience another qualified status change event. You must generally request an election change within 30 days.

Qualifying events include, but are not limited to:

  • Marriage, divorce, legal separation or death of a spouse
  • Birth, adoption, placement for adoption, death or change in custody of a child or dependent
  • A change in your or your spouse’s employment that affects your benefits eligibility
  • Receiving a court order, such as a qualified medical child support order
  • Your child no longer meeting the eligibility requirements
  • Eligibility for Medicare, Medicaid or CHIP (for you or your dependents; 60-day change window)