Voluntary Benefits

Health care costs are on the rise. Even with medical insurance, you’re often still responsible for both medical and non-medical expenses related to your recovery from a serious illness or accident. The cost you pay for copays and deductibles, as well as other expenses such as child care, transportation to the doctor, and loss of income when you are unable to work, can have great financial impact.

Critical Illness Insurance

  • Critical Illness Insurance complements your medical plan — no matter what type of coverage you have
  • The plan pays you cash benefits based on each eligible diagnosis such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer
  • Also pays a benefit for covered illnesses, as well as offering benefits for a reoccurring condition
  • The cash benefits are paid directly to you, so you decide how to use them
  • You can elect coverage for yourself and your spouse; if you elect coverage for yourself, your child(ren) are covered at no charge for 25% of the employee benefit

Accident Insurance

  • Accident insurance pays you cash benefits based on covered injuries, treatments and services
  • Payments go directly to you, and you can pay for other expenses, like traveling to the hospital, childcare and lost income from missed work
  • “Child Organized Sport” benefit pays you an extra 20% cash benefit for each accident when the dependent child is injured while playing an organized sport

Hospital Indemnity

  • Hospital indemnity pays benefit when you are admitted to the hospital for a covered hospital stay
  • This plan can provide funds that can be used to help pay the out-of-pocket expenses your medical plan may not cover, such as coinsurance, copays and deductibles

Long-Term Care

  • Long-term care offers a range of services if you can no longer perform everyday tasks by yourself
  • You can receive long-term care in your own home, a nursing home or an assisted living facility